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At SplashPixels, we understand that a website is more than just text and images. While a website must be pleasing to the eye, more importantly it should function without fault. A good website should flow from page to page with no dead ends. Every user should be able to leave the website having completed an alloted task.

We have developed our own methods of creating websites that can deliver results beyond the expectations of our clients. These all start with an intial meeting where we gather information such as target markets and the long-term business goals.

Each page we create will be optimised for an appropriate keyphrase. You may find you need a dedicated search engine optimisation campaign to market your website further.

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With more than 15 years of web design experience, we understand that planning is key to any great website. We use wireframing to plan the layout of each page of your website.


We use the wireframe layouts to create responsive web pages that can be easily read on desktop and mobile devices.

Content managed

We use well a known content management systems to create mobile friendly and fully optimised websites. These systems allow you to update your website at anytime.


It is important your website can be viewed on all devices including PC, phone and tablet. Our responsive websites use mobile friendly layouts that automaticly adjust to the size of the device.

Client testimonies

I now have a fantastic website that is exactly how I want it to be and I am a very happy customer. I would recommend SplashPixels in an instant! Thank you once again.

Lisa Halford

We have been more than happy with the website and the working arrangements with James and can commend the service of SplashPixels to you.

David Hampton

It's been great working with Splash Pixels. The communication during the entire process was great.... I highly recommend Splash Pixels for web design for your business

Mike Wingrove
Jani Clean